Telecoms Tower Integrity Checks And Maintenance

Integrity Checks And Maintenance

To ensure the trouble-free functioning over the years of a telecommunications mast we erected, or that an observation tower may be safely accessed by visitors at any time, such structures demand regular maintainance.
We gladly take care of these tasks for you. Our experienced engineers and fitters carry out comprehensive inspections and maintenance, and perform the necessary repairs, alterations and refurbishments for you.


We offer real-time 24 hours monitoring capability to sites, equipment, and remote installations. Our solutions come with video capabilities, access control, tracking, and analytics.


Our Towers do much more than support telephony and broadband. From our towers we can provide energy to your business installations; support providers of distance learning and telemedicine; support local agriculture, health, and education.


Through our towers, we offer partnership to over-the-top (OTT) players, broadcasters, and advertisers to provide content to their subscribers

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