Safety Gear Inspection

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Safety Gear Inspection

To help ensure a Safe Workplace, Fall Protection & Rescue Equipment must be continually maintained and inspected. As you know these types of equipment can potentially be exposed to damaging conditions and/or used for extended periods of time. Our Inspection Services help keep your equipment in good working order, for when you need it.
Equipment can be sent to Joshrob Solutions for a thorough inspection, completed to the Manufacturer’s Instructions and upon completion, we will provide documented results. If you have a large amount of equipment we can arrange for one of our Technicians to come to your site(s).
All details will be determined prior to the commencement of inspections and/or cleaning.


During the inspection we will appropriately tag your equipment and create a “safety register” which we will provide to you as an excel attachment and a hard copy. Any equipment found to fail test, will be quarantined.
The tag will have the equipment name, serial number and next due test date.
Joshrob Solutions equipment inspectors will inspect:

  • harnesses
  • lanyards – adjustable, static & shock absorbing
  • rope grabs
  • slings
  • pole straps
  • individual shock absorbers
  • roof workers kits
  • And More …
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