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We have over 3 years experience in the telecoms industry.

JOSHROB SOLUTIONS SERVICES LIMITED is a well-known and certified Telecommunication Tower Erector in Nigeria. We ensure technical specifications and standards are adhered to during tower erection implementation. We are also engaged in the business of training rigger personnel, supply of rigging safety equipment, fabrication of masts, tower assembly and erection, flare stacks as well as other steel structures and procurement. We fabricate and erect various types and sizes of Hot Deep galvanized steel sections used for the building of Telecommunication masts and towers which include Monopoles, Guyed Masts and Self-Supporting Towers ranging from 25 meters to 250 meters and above, installation of Telecommunication Antennae, Microwave Dish and Radio links, on masts and towers.

We have in our employ skilled, trained, competent and certified Rigging personnel with years of experience in best safety practices that can achieve any given task and deliver the project successfully to the client.

In our staff strength, we have sufficient capacity and proven capabilities. Our personnel are organized into well-structured teams for effective project management and execution. Our services also cover innovative and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging project situations, including harsh environments and remote locations. Our competence levels is further complemented by our local in-house training scheme, which goes a long way in improving the skills set of not only our own staff, but also staff from other companies who undergo extensive training with us.

This presentation is aimed at giving an overview of our general scope of services and as well as showcase our considerable experience. Our project startup procedures enable us to be more effective in a project design and management approach for our customers. Our standard design package and related specifications provide our customers with complete solution documentation. We believe that this approach provides a most cost effective project implementation, in the most demanding industries and the most challenging customer applications.


To be among the major contenders in the business of certifying competent persons to guarantee safety for work at height in construction and infrastructural projects service delivery and training across Nigeria and beyond while upholding the highest standards and practices in safety, for our clients and personnel respectively.


To deliver our services to an assured level of quality and commitment to create an integrated technological solution that provides substantial value for our customer’s infrastructures by putting quality assurance and client satisfaction first in all our projects.


At JOSHROB SOLUTIONS SERVICES LIMITED, safety is our watch word, because we know that the growth of the company depends largely on its manpower. Hence, we make sure that the working condition and lives of our employees are adequately provided for. 

JOSHROB SOLUTIONS SERVICES LIMITED enjoys the services of qualified rigging professionals and rigger training personnel, who are graduates of world class educational and technical institutions that have participated in delivering numerous major projects across the country and beyond.

We conduct our business by applying industry standards and international best business practices using the most advanced standard that exist in the industry. In doing this we expect to meet at all times our customer’s expectations by providing the most cost effective solutions and satisfaction.

JOSHROB SOLUTIONS SERVICES LIMITED conducts all its businesses in a very responsible, transparent and professional manner that is devoid of mistrust and always ensure that we carry out only lawful and equitable transaction at all times.

Joshrob Solutions
Joshrob Solutions

We Posses The Following Operational Statutory Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation (CAC)
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of membership National Association Of Tower Erectors (N.A.T.E)
  • Certificate of Consultancy membership National Industrial Safety Council Of Nigeria (NISCN)
  • Retainership Agreement with a Hospital for Employee Health and other Medical Related issues
  • Letter of Support from an Internationally rated Service Provider


  • It is the policy of JOSHROB SOLUTIONS SERVICES LIMITED to meet quality standard of our clients/ customers.
  • Our ultimate goal shall be a continuous improvement towards his target error-free work to avoid rework.
  • To achieve this policy, JOSHROB SOLUTIONS SERVICES LIMITED, has an effective quality management system outlined, in our quality assurance plan conforming to all relevant international quality standards.
  • Each project manager, site manager and site engineer is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the quality system.

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We focus on industrial safety equipment services, technical procurement, telecommunications tower project management & implementation, training and consultancy.

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